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Company name: Repurpose You

Coach Certifying Body: ICF, Marshall Goldsmith SCC Executive & Team Coaching, Coaching Changes Lives, The Mindfulness Centre, Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Network, Leaders Create Leaders.

Affiliated Coaching Associations: ICF


Coaching Experience

5 Years

Number of People Coached


About me

My Purpose is to deepen my understanding of myself and the world to achieve my greatest potential in order to share with others so they too can be empowered to grow. 


Today I am a pretty happy man. I am living with purpose, I'm healthy, and building the life of my dreams. I am confident you can too! It wasn't always easy. I was very sick physically and mentally for several years. I began a process of healing which brought me from meditating at home to the deep forest monasteries of Thailand and large multinational corporations. Growth is really an inside out journey and I couldn't have done it without my own amazing mentors and coaches. I have been able to learn some of the best practices in the world (from some of the best people) around healing, personal development, leadership, performance, business, happiness, mental health, growth and change. As part of my work in Vietnam, I have had extensive exposure to the world of corporate and executive leadership which has given me a very informed perspective on what differentiates hyper-successful leaders from average ones and what practices, behaviors and personalities were the most conducive to life, business and career success. So, no matter if you're a mid-level professional or senior executive, we can work on transforming your life in whatever way empowers you the most. I have intimate knowledge of what makes successful people reach their full potential and how you can obtain your own greatness as well. Together, we can help you if you:


  • Need clarity in your life


  • Improve happiness and wellbeing


  • Desire to find meaning and purpose 


  • Struggle with stress, anxiety or depression


  • Want to evolve in your profession


  • Desire to become a better leader 


  • Want to improve business performance


  • Obtain greater spiritual growth


I would love to hear from you and see how we can Repurpose your life!

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