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Company name: Trainstation Inc.

Coach Certifying Body: Gallup, NLP Academy (ITANLP), Global NLP

Affiliated Coaching Associations: ITANLP, Brainstrong Initiative


Coaching Experience

15 Years

Number of People Coached


About me

Carelle is the president and CEO of TrainStation Singapore, Philippines and Hong Kong. She is a social and emotional intelligence coach, an NLP trainer, international motivational speaker, and a best-selling author of the book Captivating Communication. She is an empowerment and communications coach building confidence and inspiring people through her life-changing workshops and seminars. She is a leadership and organizational trainer certified in Neurolinguistic Programming and in Gallup Strengths Finder. She went through training with Wharton and Neuroleadership Institute for Neuroscience and Applied Neuroscience. She is a part of a community called Wharton Neuroscience Initiative and has founded Brainstrong Initiative. She is also the head of Changestation, campaigning advocacies in bringing change in communities. She is also known as a love guru coaching people on love.


During the Lockdown, her organization has been providing free coaching for people going through anxiety. She has partnered with AHA Learning Center to provide training for public school teachers, parents and students during lockdown. She is a part of an advocacy called Edurescue to help sustain education during lockdown.


She engages through fun and is a performer for 30 years as a tv, film and theater performer. She has trained thousands of people and hundreds of organizations including Google, Shell, Microsoft, DepEd, Nestle, McDonald’s, among others.

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