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Company name: Engagement Imperative

Coach Certifying Body: Gallup

Affiliated Coaching Associations: Gallup

Coaching Specialization: PERFORMANCE COACHING, Career Coaching and Couples Strengths & Individual Strengths if they have CliftonStrengths Assessment Results

Coaching Experience

1 Year

Number of People Coached


About me

I am a talent consultant (HR Partner) for EY. As a coach, I would want to help my coachees not only get insights or realizations which they can use for the right now but also those that they can use for life. For them to always see coaching as something beneficial for them that whenever they need to, they go back to me or another coach.

I have seen how strengths personally helped me and I wonder how wonderful it would be if everyone else gets the same level of support. I help my clients see the bigger picture and move forward (or get unstuck) to their definition of success.

I love how coaching is a platform that allows me to make a difference is another person's life but also I learn a lot from the individuals I coach. I listen of blind spots and through question asking, shine that light of the person and help him take action steps towards his/her goals.

Leaders and employees who are figuring out their next move. In strengths, most of my clients are employee who transitioned to freelance type of work. I am also targeting couples. 

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