Identity and Well-being

In this WellNest Talk Special PRIDE Edition, we are celebrating Pride Month with an in-depth discussion on identity and well-being. We'll be exploring how the community evolved and embraced a wider spectrum of IDENTITY.  Times and attitudes have changed and these changes have contributed to the ways that LGBTQIA+ can own and express their identities and find the support they need to feel confident, whole, and healthy.


Don't miss our special guests: Paul Hetebrij and Ricardo Glencasa to be hosted by Claude Diaz.  Our guests are coming from three continents and will be sharing where  IDENTITY comes in in overall well-being.


Are we really living in a more progressive, accepting and empowering world? This and more in the most colorful WellNest talk so far. 


We’ll also be taking questions from the audience, so if you have any thoughts or questions about your own identity or well-being, please come prepared!


Join us on Facebook Life on 25th June, Saturday at 4 PM PH Time/3 PM VN Time to be part of the celebration.


Be proud of who you are!


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